a coproduction of GG Dance Eger and the Nagyvárad Dance Ensemble

Is there anyone who is not familiar with Tchaikovsky’s wonderful music where dreams and reality intertwine to create a timeless journey to transport listeners to a boundless place? We added a touch of circus magic and marvellous dancing to the mix, and we have a story in a “nutshell” which is based on E.T.A. Hofman’s The Nutcracker and The Mouse King. The story and music hasn’t changed. The performance however will still include several surprises.


No events!


NutcrackerAttila Emődi
MarikaLaura Novák
MotherDalma Kerekes
FatherHunor Barabás
Mouse kingGyörgy Kányádi
DrosselmeyerRoland André

Furthermore: Martina Tizzi, Janka Forczek, Sára Fodor, Anita Szőcs, Réka Barkóczi, Márk Plita, Gioele Del Santo


Choreography Csaba Györfi, Tamás Topolánszky ((Harangozó Award winning Excellent Artist)
DramaturgeZoltán Baráth
Costume designChristina Breteanu
Scenic designTamás Topolánszky
ProjectionLászló Sátori
MusicPjotr Iljics Csajkovszkij
Choreography assistantVirág Rovó, Nadin Törteli

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